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Our story

In the heart of the unusual nature of the South Pacific, our mother-daughter bond was born. captivated by the intensity of the colors, the brilliance of the light and the deep night, we look forward to painting and create together before continuing the adventure by developing our textile brand Blanche Carbon in 2021.

We make our travels and our encounters pretexts for creation, witness to the energy of the moment. We design and produce unique pieces or small series printed in France. Always looking for innovative and environmentally friendly techniques, we are developing solar printing and natural dyes.

These pieces are intended for those who share our values, who like to dream and escape and who dare to assert their uniqueness. Our choices mark our moments in life: the misty early morning, the journey to the sun, the clandestine party.

Corinne Wolff: Watercolor painter and textile designer
Yvonne Corbière: Photographer and graphic designer